Juan Pablo Should Stay

The New York Red Bulls are a silly team. They are silly because they are named after a disgusting swill of a drink. They are silly because they are located in New Jersey but insist having New York in their name. But they are mostly silly because they have yet to extend the contract of Juan Pablo Angel.

Yes, he’s expensive. Yes, he’s 35. But he gets the job done. He does exactly what you want a DP to do for your team. He is everything David Beckham isn’t. (That’s a good thing.) The man has scored 12 goals this season and 57 goals for New York in his 4 years of playing. That’s not too shabby, so you can see why I am slightly confused as to why he hasn’t been resigned to the Red Bulls. He seems to be confused about the situation also. “This is the first time in my career I’ve been in a situation where my contract expires at the end of the year and I don’t know where I’m going; so we’ll see what happens.”

Apparently the New York FO wants to go in a different direction and doesn’t know yet if a top goal scorer is in the cards. Makes perfect sense to me. I mean you already have Henry and Marquez; why even think about Angel? He’s only going to give you goals, those things that win games.

Really New York, just resign the man. He deserves it after what he lived through in your team’s massive suck streak of 2009. It should be an obvious decision, but I guess New York is holding out for Messi in 2011. Gotta keep that 3rd DP slot open for him.

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