A Sad Day for Crew Fans

Toronto FC fans have been outspoken about the level of support they have for their team. This is a fact which can not be denied, yet at the same time it is a little sad. They throw so much support at a team that has failed for four straight years to repay that loyalty. Frankly, I much much respect for those fans. I hope that one day every team will have such support.

But their day has finally come: Mo Johnston, their General Manager, has been shit-canned. Any TFC fan will tell you this is long overdue. He is the reason for all of their woes, by bringing in the crazed coaches John Carver, and Preki, and also bringing in such great players such as Nick Garcia and the ever productive Julian De Guzman.

But Mo only knows how to do things his own way. He can’t be blamed for that. You can’t teach a fish to walk, but you CAN kill the fish and bring in something with a couple legs. MLSE should take the blame for the suckitude of TFC. They should have fired Mo  after his first year as GM, and they definitely should have fired him after his second. Don’t expect doing the same thing over and over to yield different results. We’ll see if they can pick a GM with a brain.  Should be interesting.

As a Crew fan, I am kind of bummed by this news. Next year it might not be so easy to beat TFC over and over again. Nothing lasts forever I suppose.

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