Columbus and the Expansion Draft or Protect GBS For F#*@ Sake

With the end of the season looming, the question of who to protect in the impending expansion draft comes up.

Now I’m just one individual with a worthless opinion, but to me one choice seems blatantly obvious: Protect Guillermo Barros (Es)Schelotto.

Many of my fellow Columbus supporters disagree with this. They bring up the point that he is expensive and old and that Portland or Vancouver wouldn’t want him for these reasons. They say that he might even retire so there is no point to wasting a proteced spot for him.

To that I would retort that he’s friggin’ GBS. He is Columbus soccer. He is the greatest player to roll on through our little town (yes, including McBride and Friedel) and he deserves to be protected. It doesn’t even matter if we know for a fact he is retiring. He’s friggin’ GBS. If you do not protect the face of the team, the rock that Columbus is built on, then you are probably Robert Warzycha.

To not protect him would be an insult to the man that brought Ohio its first real championship since the Reds won in 1990. And do you really think he would stick with the organization after he retired when he was left unprotected to the Canadians and Oregonians? I don’t.

Keep the Rock of Columbus protected.

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