The Crew Getting Younger

The Massive Exodus was a sad time. I assumed, like many others, that it was done to make the team younger. After all, it was the veterans who were booted. I know Bobby Varzeeha and Mark Mick have denied these allegations, but it seems pretty  obvious.

But now I’m not so sure of the getting younger argument. The signing of Mendoza, Miranda, Cunningham, and now Dejan Rusmir have made me double-take a bit. What is going on here? These are all pretty old dudes. They won’t be around for more than a few seasons, which is going to force the team to rebuild again in the not-too-distant-future.

I’m no coach and I know you want a veteran or two to school the noobs, but if you are going to rebuild, then do it right, I say. Get ’em while they’re green and mold them to your will.

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